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How to make your own edible paper sheets from fondant

Creating edible paper sheets from fondant is a fun and creative way to add edible decorations to your cakes and desserts. Fondant paper sheets can be used to make edible images, decorations, and more. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make your own edible paper sheets from fondant: Ingredients and Materials: Fondant (ready-made or homemade) Cornstarch or powdered sugar (for dusting) Rolling pin Edible food colors or edible food markers (optional) Edible glaze or clear alcohol (such as vodka or clear extract, for painting) Paintbrush (if using edible colors) Edible sheets or wafer paper (optional, for added texture) Instructions: Prepare Your Work Surface: Clean your work surface thoroughly and make sure it's dry. Dust the surface with cornstarch or powdered sugar to prevent the fondant from sticking. Knead the Fondant: Take a portion of fondant and knead it until it becomes smooth and pliable. If you want to make colored paper sheets, knead in a small amount of edible food

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